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Air-Fluid JSC Flow Control Stud Elbow (BSPT) 

  • Product Name:  Air-Fluid JSC Flow Control Stud Elbow (BSPT) 
  • Model NO.:  JSC08-02
  • Origin:  China
  • Packing:  opp bag and Export Standard Paper Carton
  • Brand Name:  Air-Fluid
Product Details:  Air-Fluid JSC Flow Control Stud Elbow (BSPT) 


JSC08-02 Speed Controls Accurate regulation of an optimal airflow rate for precise motion control.The compact design provides the comparable range of speed as the larger ones do.Control-out and control-in types are available for all models.Speed controllers All R and NPT threads are pre-coated sealant.Seals Material :Oil resistant Rubber (NBR), Operating Pressure  -0.99 to 10 bar & Operating temperature     Max + 60° Min -20° , Media :  Filtered Compressed Air and Vacuum ,Tube Tolerance for   04 to 10mm tube 0.05mm, & 12mm tube 0.1mm. Recommended Tube Material   Polyurethane, Nylon (PA6), Rilsan (PA11/12), Teflon.For use with push-to-connect air fittings. 20 plug fittings per package.Inch and metric plug fitting sizes available.
Air-Fluid Banjo Speed Controls Meter Out Standard Range are the highest quality pneumatic fittings manufactured by AIR-FLUID Pneumatics.

JSC 04-M5
JSC 08-02
JSC 12-04
JSC 1/4-M5
JSC 5/32-U
JSC 1/4-N3
JSC 1/2-N4
JSC 04-01
JSC 08-03
JSC 1/4-01
JSC 5/32-N1
JSC 5/16-N1
JSC 04-02
JSC 08-04
JSC 1/4-02
JSC 3/16-U
JSC 5/16-N2
JSC 06-M5
JSC 10-01
JSC 5/16-01
JSC 3/16-N1
JSC 5/16-N3
JSC 06-01
JSC 10-02
JSC 5/16-02
JSC 3/16-N2
JSC 5/16-N4
JSC 06-02
JSC 10-03
JSC 5/16-03
JSC 3/16-N3
JSC 3/8-N2
JSC 06-03
JSC 10-04
JSC 3/8-02
JSC 1/4-U
JSC 3/8-N3
JSC 06-04
JSC 12-02
JSC 3/8-03
JSC 1/4-N1
JSC 3/8-N4
JSC 08-01
JSC 12-03
JSC 1/4-N2
JSC 1/2-N3
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