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90° Tapered Male Elbow N.P Brass Push-On Tubing Fittings

  • Product Name:  90° Tapered Male Elbow N.P Brass Push-On Tubing Fittings
  • Price:  $0.80
  • Weight:  29.5 g
  • Model NO.:  ABPL08-02
  • Origin:  China
  • Packing:  opp bag and Export Standard Paper Carton
  • Brand Name:  Air-Fluid
  • Delivery Time:  20 Days
  • Minimum Order:  200 pcs
  • Supply Ability:  10000pcs
  • Quality System Certification:  ISO9001:2012
Product Details:  90° Tapered Male Elbow N.P Brass Push-On Tubing Fittings


Cixi Air-Fluid Male Swivel Elbow BSPT Compression Fittings Tube O.D08mm  x1/4BSPT thread ,Pressure 220PSI,Connection Compression Nylon Tube ,Temp Range:-20-120 degree,Nut & Body Material :Brass Nickel Plated ,O-Ring  NBR,Weight:29.50g,Height:31mm,Hex:S 14,Price :0.80USD,Item Shape: Elbow Connector,Style Name :Push-Over Tube Fittings,Brand:Cixi Air-Fluid.


Cixi Air-Fluid compression fittings are used for low or medium-pressure applications,they donot require falring or welding to connect Pu  or Nylon Hose,Pls kindly screw off the nut and then the sleeve over the tubing ,Finally,Inserting the tube into the fitting'body quickly,when the nut is tight ,The wedging action of the sleeve between the body and the nut creates a tight ,leak-free connection.


Cixi Air-Fluid ABPL seires OD  x BSPT 90 Deg Swivel Male Thread Nickel Plated Brass Push-on Pneumatic Fittings are the highest quality fittings manufactured by Air-Fluid Pneumatics.

Tube(Metric)-Thread(R) Tube(Inch)-Thread(R) Tube(Inch)-Thread(NPT)
ABPL 04-M5 ABPL 06-04 ABPL 12-02 ABPL1/8-01 ABPL5/16-02 ABPL1/8-N01 ABPL1/4-N04 ABPL1/2-N03
ABPL 04-M6 ABPL 08-01 ABPL 12-03 ABPL1/8-02 ABPL5/16-03 ABPL1/8-N02 ABPL5/16-N01 ABPL1/2-N04
ABPL 04-01 ABPL 08-02 ABPL 12-04 ABPL3/16-01 ABPL5/16-04 ABPL5/32-N01 ABPL5/16-N02  
ABPL 04-02 ABPL 08-03 ABPL 16-03 ABPL3/16-02 ABPL3/8-01 ABPL5/32-N02 ABPL5/16-N03  
ABPL 06-M5 ABPL 08-04 ABPL 16-04 ABPL3/16-03 ABPL3/8-02 ABPL3/16-N01 ABPL5/16-N04  
ABPL 06-M6 ABPL 10-01   ABPL1/4-01 ABPL3/8-03 ABPL3/16-N02 ABPL3/8-N01  
ABPL 06-01 ABPL 10-02   ABPL1/4-02 ABPL3/8-04 ABPL3/16-N03 ABPL3/8-N02  
ABPL 06-02 ABPL 10-03   ABPL1/4-03 ABPL1/2-02 ABPL1/4-N01 ABPL3/8-N03  
ABPL 06-03 ABPL 10-04   ABPL1/4-04 ABPL1/2-03 ABPL1/4-N02 ABPL3/8-N04  
      ABPL5/16-01 ABPL1/2-04 ABPL1/4-N03 ABPL1/2-N02  



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